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How to Decorate Around Your TV

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Your TV can be the center of attention in any room. Instead of being a black rectangle that takes up space, make it the centerpiece of your room. Use framed art to surround your TV, and paint the wall black. In addition to bringing your TV to life, you can also use wall art as a gallery wall. Rain on a Tin Roof’s Jenna surrounded her television with framed art, and painted the entire piece black.

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To disguise your television, try putting it on an entertainment unit, which will create a triangular composition. You can also place other tall items on the wall to draw attention away from your TV. Vases can be an excellent filler on either side of a TV unit, and they will soften the look of a modern TV. You can even put vases on each side of your entertainment unit to disguise it. Using vases to hide your TV is another effective way to hide it.

If you don’t have enough wall space, you can also place a gallery wall on the sides of your TV. This will break up the lines and add some dimension. Or you can use decorative accents to draw the eye away from your television. You can even combine a basket with antlers or mirrors. Whatever way you decide to display your television, you’ll have a room that looks chic and cosy. You’ll be pleasantly surprised by the effect!

Choosing the right wall decor for your TV can be the key to making your entertainment center a stylish focal point. For example, you can place your TV above the fireplace if it is a feature of the room. However, it’s important to consider the size of the television and where you want it to be. Remember that you don’t want your television to be too high or too low, as it will change the overall look of the room.

A gallery wall is another great option for ديكور تلفزيون. You can place it to the sides or behind your television to break up the lines and add depth. You can also combine a basket with a mirror or antlers. Adding a gallery wall is a great way to hide a television and make it more stylish. The trick is to find the right color scheme for your room and then blend in the rest of the room. Once you have the perfect color scheme, your TV will become the center of attention.

A gallery wall with your TV can be a great choice for small homes where there are limited walls. Wallpapers placed behind the TV can make for a beautiful accent wall. This is one way to make your TV stand out from other elements in your room. It can also serve as a great place to display a collection of artwork. A gallery wall will help you add a unique accent wall in your home. It will be a focal point in your living room.

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