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The Best Real Estate in Florida Venetian Islands

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Located just off Miami Beach, Florida the exclusive Venetian Islands (NE 15th St and Dade Blvd) were joined together in 26 1926 by a massive bascule bridge called the Venetian Causeway. This bridge connected two islands that were then known as Bal Harbour and San Juan. Today, Venetian Islands Real Estate offers an exciting opportunity to be part of this impressive area. The beautiful views of the Gulf of Mexico and the Atlantic Ocean are sure to make you feel comfortable and at home. In the past, the islands were used for military drills and the residences of the rich and famous.

At $22 Million, Modern House Breaks Venetian Islands Sale Record - Mansion  Global

If you are looking for luxury homes in the Miami area and want to be closer to the beautiful sun and beach, then there is no better choice than Venetian islands real estate. This exclusive area has everything you are looking for from the perfect location to the most sought after luxury condominiums and villas. In the past, the islands were used for military drills and the residences of the rich and famous. Now, they have been transformed into an amazing, convenient destination where residents can enjoy all the benefits of living on Miami Beach without sacrificing anything with the modern amenities. And the good news is that you don’t even have to leave the state of Florida to own a piece of this wonderful real estate!

If you want to find the perfect investment property that will allow you to enjoy the beautiful weather and natural beauty that can be found only in Miami, Florida, then look no further than the venetian islands real estate. Located on the west coast of Florida near the beautiful Belle Escape, the rich alto island is perfect for both winter and summer vacation getaways. With a long stretch of white, asphalt roads and private homes surrounded by manicured lawns, the village is very secluded. While there, you can also take in the breathtaking scenery of the nearby Everglades. You can also dine at one of the villas that are located nearby, or take a boat cruise along the beautiful Riverboat Islands. The Belle Escape has been rated as one of the top ten great destinations in the United States, so if you want a private, luxurious haven, then you definitely need to check out the properties that are for sale in the area.

Belle Escape is also home to another luxury real estate gem called the Causeway Village. This area is about a half mile from the beach on an island named Causeway. This charming village is on a private island which is connected to the mainland by Causeway Bridge. The Causeway village is perfect for families because it is not too far from the beaches.

There are also two marinas on the island, and several restaurants and hotels that can be found there as well. Most of the homes are on private waterfront homes that are located on private, manmade bays in Belle Escape. One of the newest, and least expensive, of the Belle Escape homes are located on a private island that connects to the mainland by Causeway Bridge. This waterfront home is directly on the mainland, which means that you have instant access to the beach if you want to go for a swim.

Another of the top destinations in Florida Venetian Islands Real Estate is Coconut Grove, which is also located on a private island. Unlike the Belle Escape, which is only two miles away from the beach, Coconut Grove is closer to the larger city of Miami Beach. Although Coconut Grove is less than a mile from the beach, it is still close enough for you to access the beach if you would like to. Many of the homes are on private, scenic waterfront homes that are also located nearby. In addition, many of the luxury resorts of Coconut Grove offer complimentary shuttles to and from the island so you do not have to worry about being inconvenienced when visiting the island.

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