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How to Select an American Dream Essay Topic

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The term American dream is one of the most abused terms in the country today. I can’t give you a straight answer as to what an American dream is but let me give you some examples. The general idea should be described comprehensively and interestingly. So you should describe the American dream idea. So what exactly is an American dream?

The American Dream Is Real for My Family - WSJ

A good example would be “the American dream is having enough money to not have any problems.” Now that is pretty much describing the idea and almost describing the reality of American life, so lets move on. You could also take this topic and write 4 words about it to make it a bit longer, and you would get “the American dream is having enough money to not have any social issues.” So in this case the topic would be social issues, and you would use the word social to get around the word American. Looking More visit

One more example of an American dream essay topic would be “the American dream is learning to be an entrepreneur.” This can be extended to many things like technology, business, finances, etc. The important thing here is that you make sure the topic is focused on something other than American exceptionalism. “the American dream is having enough money to not have any problems” is far too limiting for many people, especially when they are from abroad. “the American dream is learning to be an entrepreneur” lets the reader down that there are other problems to deal with besides money, therefore the opportunity to learn is very appealing. “the American dream is having enough money to not have any social issues” would be more appealing for many people, especially if they are from abroad and have issues with their family.

You can also go even further by breaking your topic down into categories of things people want to talk about. For example, you could divide the topic into “the American dream is learning to be an Engineer”. Why not do it the other way and do a “the American dream is living in a large house”. Now, this is where you can break things down further still. Start with the first option then the next until you have the general topics. These are very easy to do with the 4 words American.

Another way to break your essay topic selection down further is by simply writing down the main ideas or points you are trying to express in your essay without elaborating on each one. This is extremely important with your essay topic selection. By doing this you will easily notice how this will affect your choices as you go through the process. It will tell you which ones to skip and which ones you should continue writing about. Furthermore, as you write down the topics you will see exactly which ones you are limiting yourself too.

Lastly, make sure that your American essay topics are free of any condescending comments or judgments. In particular make sure that the first paragraph of your document is very direct and obvious. Do not begin your essay with a plea to high heavens, this will be seen as insincere and very unbecoming of an American. The best American’s will start their papers out of the gates direct and straight forward. If you follow these tips and rules you will be well on your way to a great American Dream.

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